Monday, December 17, 2007

On Moving, Part 2


Here are some things we did that worked when leaving our space in Ballard:
  • Sent contingents from each team to the candidate office spaces
  • Put our office manager really in charge of the moving details and scheduling
  • Had everyone fill out the office map in the way they felt best and combined them to create the final layout
  • Allowed our IT team to spend plenty of time readying the infrastructure move
  • Hired a mover (we didn't do that the first time...)
  • Bought everybody FlexPasses to compensate for the loss of parking

Mercifully, I was insulated from most of the thousands of decisions and jobs to be done when moving 10 people's workspace. All I had to do was pack up my things and unplug my workstation. It seems like that's exactly right for what I need to do for my job. And after so much time here having to worry about everything, it was a nice change.
I'm certain that others in the company were frantically busy trying to get everything moved, and obviously they did a wonderful job. I love it when a plan comes together.

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Ken said...

You know, the biggest thing I'll miss my last job is the fact that they have DEDICATED project managers for all projects.

Details, details, details!